Emergency Disaster Services

    Emergency disasters can occur at any time and in any place, and they often leave great devastation and loss in their wake. Emergency Disaster Services personnel across Canada have well-organized and definitive plans in place in anticipation of emergencies (like fires, floods, earthquakes) and The Salvation Army plays an important role in these crisis situations.

Often, we are called upon to provide specific services like counseling, registration and identification of evacuees, transportation services, feeding for emergency personnel, and provision of practical supports (emergency housing/feeding/clothing) for disaster victims.

Our support is called upon often in the Okanagan Valley, especially during the summer fire season. In order for us to respond effectively to these requests for service and support a well-trained base of volunteers is vital.


If you would like to know more about this program and how you can help, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Angela (volunteer null@null kelsa NULL.ca) at 250 860-2329 Ext. 333 or our Community Ministries Coordinator, Sonia  (soniaw null@null kelsa NULL.ca)at 250 765-3450 Ext. 203.