As an organization, the Salvation Army has been recycling for over 100 years. Our primary focus is to be able to provide our customers with the best possible product. The reality is that not all items that our donated to us are sellable.

Through careful sorting of donated goods our dedicated and socially conscious staff take the necessary steps to ensure the reduction of unsalable items from going into the landfill through our recycling initiatives. We currently recycle a number of items, including: clothing, shoes, accessories, books, cardboard, metals, plastic bags, plastic, electronics, and many other items. Did you know that we divert approximately 50,000 lbs. a month from the landfill into our recycling programs?

We were  honoured with the 2011 City of Kelowna Mayor’s Environmental Achievement Award for the most dedicated group to the protection of the environment.

Planet Earth Recycling (http://www NULL.planetearthrecycling strengthening and expanding our relationships with recycling partners such as Planet Earth Recycling (http://www NULL.planetearthrecycling, we are assuring the best possible reuse of that product. Through our combined efforts we can ensure a lighter ecological footprint in the Okanagan.

It is important to remember that we are not a recycling depot or a substitute location for the landfill, so please be sure the goods you donate are quality items and only donate during business hours. It costs The Salvation Army each year to remove trash that has been dumped outside our Thrift Stores. The required cleanup diverts vital funds away from those who most need our support.

Thank you for your cooperation.