When and What to donate………

Would you want to buy these items?  Probably NOT.  These donations were left on a typical evening at our West Kelowna store.  You may wonder why we are posting these photos.  The simple reason is to educate our donors and community on when and what to donate to ensure that your donations can do the most good.

Donating goods after hours often leads to vandalism, theft and items being destroyed due to bad weather.  Many beautiful and useful items are unusable.  There are also a number of items which cannot be used or resold by us, everything from chemicals, paint, broken furniture and a whole lot of garbage.

There are people who prey on our parking lot after hours to rip through the bags and boxes of donation items, take what they want and leave the rest exposed to the elements.  We then must transport these items to the landfill site.  It costs The Salvation Army and takes significant time daily to remove trash that has been dumped outside our Thrift Stores.  This diverts vital funds away from those who most need our support.  Read here to find out more about what to donate.

We need your donations to help support all the programs offered by The Salvation Army in our community. We’d so much rather say hello to you in person when dropping off your donations.  Please come by Monday through Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm and help us give hope today.



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